Best Go Karts for Kids in 2020 | Reviews and Buying Guide

Your children are destined to be drivers. When they’re 16, they’ll get their learner’s permits and begin the slow process of becoming a safe, responsible adult driver. They’ll find out that cars are tools, not toys, and they’ll slowly become less and less excited about their daily commute.

If you want to let them enjoy the freedom of driving in a more fun way, without having to worry about state testing and expensive car insurance, why not get them a go-kart?

In order to help your kids have as much fun as possible, we’ve selected 6 of the best new go-karts available. We’ve chosen electric vehicles that cover a wide range of niches, from traditional go-karts to powered vehicles for younger kids. We’ve even examined an electric tricycle that offers a completely unique gateway to motorized fun. It’s pretty tough to choose a single best go-kart for kids because of how different these products are. The best go kart for kids depends on the size and age of your children, where they intend to ride their vehicle, and what your budget is like. That said, based on what we’ve uncovered, the Razor Force Drifter Kart is going to be the best choice for most families. It works great in smaller spaces, has a fairly high weight limit (so your kids can grow into it), and is quite light and inexpensive.

Comperison Table of 3 Best Go Karts for kids


Our Best Choice



Name & Image

Razor force drifter kart

Power wheels dune racer

Razor power rider 360 electric tricycle

Customer Rating

1132 Customer

1216 Customer

1759 Customer

Sold By




Source of power

2/12V batteries

1/12V batteries

1/12V batteries


11.2 x 40.9 x 28.2 in

25 x 46 x 15 in

27.2 x 24.4 x 10.2 in

Product Weight

35.5 Lbs

68.7 Lbs

32.8 Lbs


12 mph

5 mph

9 mph

Top Six Go Karts for Kids Reviews

Razor force drifter kart

The Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart is a small go-kart that has a unique feature: it’s got specially designed rear wheels that will help your kids drift.

As far as age goes, there’s no real upper or lower limit. Razor suggests that your kids should be about 8 before they ride, but that’s simply because this is a powerful toy that can get up to 12 miles an hour. If you’ve got an extra responsible kid who’s under 8, there’s nothing wrong with letting them ride the Ground Force Drifter under careful supervision.

In terms of the upper limit, this kart won’t support riders over 140 lbs. This gives your children plenty of room to grow into this vehicle. It can even be ridden by smaller adults!

The Ground Force Drifter is designed like a traditional go-kart. There’s not much to it other than a frame, wheels, and an engine. It’s pretty small, too, but this isn’t a bad thing. Instead, it’ll help enhance your kid’s sensation of speed as they zoom around the neighborhood.

How small is it? The steel frame measures 11.2 x 40.9 x 28.2 inches. The seat is large enough to accommodate small adults, although it won’t be quite as comfortable as the driver’s seat of a full-sized car. Riders sit with the steering wheel in between their feet with their knees angled outwards.

Weighing in at 72 lbs, the Ground Force Drifter isn’t the lightest go-kart you can find. Still, the motor packs quite a lot of power. Razor uses a special high-torque chain-driven motor that can propel a 140 lb rider at up to 12 miles an hour. Your kids won’t have any problems going up and down hills with this go-kart.

The battery on the Ground Force Drifter offers up to 40 minutes of run-time. While it can take all night to charge, this means your kids can go pretty darn far. Think of it like this: at 12 miles an hour, 40 minutes can get you pretty far away from your house.

All of the controls for this go-kart are on the steering apparatus. It’s got a hand-operated brake and variable throttle control. There aren’t any parental safeties as far as the throttle is concerned. This means that you’ll have to teach your kids how to control their own speed.

The standout feature of the Super Slider is by far the unique POM rear wheels. These help your kids “lose control” of the rear of the vehicle. In other words, it makes it easy to do “drift-style” driving. They’ll be able to slide around on the road and get the vehicle totally sideways.

To be clear, the go-kart isn’t uncontrollable. Instead, the special rear wheels make it a total blast to drive. Your children will quickly master the art of drifting and learn how to get the go-kart to slide sideways at will, but only when they want it to. The rest of the time, they’ll be in full control of all four wheels.

There’s a seatbelt on the Ground Force Drifter, but it’s not a car. This means that your children aren’t going to be fully protected from injury as a result of a crash. Still, 12 miles an hour isn’t much faster than a full sprint. You’re much more worried about collisions with real, full-sized cars than you are with anything else. For more tips, see our section on go-kart safety.

The Pros and cons of  Razor force drifter kart


  • Drift Wheels – Unique rear wheels help your kids have more fun by making advanced drifting maneuvers easy!
  • High Torque Motor – With a weight limit of 140 lbs and a top speed of 12 MPH, this thing goes FAST
  • Fun, Open Design – The seat in this go-kart puts your kids close to the action and really amps up the excitement factor
  • Durable Steel Frame – The Ground Force Drifter is designed to last. Your kids’ crazy driving won’t put a dent in it.
  • Long Run Time – You can drive the Ground Force Drifter for almost an hour in between charges. It can even go to the store and back on a single charge!
  • Affordable – Despite the great feature list, this is one of the more affordable go-karts on the market


  • Fast – The Ground Force Drifter isn’t for small kids. It’s simply too powerful! Stick with something like the Power Wheels Dune Racer (see below) instead.
  • Requires Some Assembly – You’ll have to spend some time putting this go-kart together. You can make your kids help, of course.

Why We select Razor force drifter kart as a best go karts for Kids (Our Best Choice)

We’ll go over three top competitors to the Ground Force Drifter below. First, however, it’s important to look at some of the downsides of this product.

The most important (and biggest) problem with the Ground Force Drifter is poor battery quality control. This is a fun, powerful, and durable go-kart, but it’s not a very effective one if the battery doesn’t work. Razor will occasionally ship out a unit with a defective battery, meaning your go-kart will be effectively DOA.

Now, you might be wondering why this is our top product. Two reasons: one, we can’t really measure how many units are shipped like this. From our experience, it’s by far a small minority, so the odds of you receiving a defective battery are pretty slim. Second, Razor’s customer service is EXCELLENT. If you have any problems with your go-kart, they’ll waste no time in correcting them at their expense. Sure, it might be frustrating to have to wait a week while they send you a new battery, but at the end of the day, you’ll still get a great go-kart at a great price.

Of course, there are some situations in which one of the three models below is a better choice than this go-kart. If you’ve got younger kids, the Power Wheels Dune Racer is slower, safer, and has some parental controls built-in. It’s a much better choice for toddlers and the like.

If you’re after a more traditional go-kart (no drifting), we recommend the Razor Dune Buggy. It’s a simple, lightweight electric kart with a terrifically powerful motor and wheels that can handle some light off-roading. In other words, it’s perfect for backyards.

Finally, if you’re on a budget, consider the Razor Power Rider. This is an electric tricycle that has a pretty unique riding style. It’s not going to totally replace a go-kart in every way, but it’s still a great electric riding toy that will get your kids out of the house. They’ll still have lots of fun with it.


The Razor Ground Force Drifter gives your kids the power to drift easily. By unlocking this extra fun driving style, this go-kart will give them hours of entertainment as they zip around your driveway, street, or backyard. It’s got a powerful motor, a fairly long runtime, and a sturdy steel frame that can handle whatever your kids will throw at it. Best of all, it’s quite affordable. We think that for most families it’s the best go-kart for kids.

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Power wheels dune racer 

This ride-on electric vehicle is a much safer and more moderate option for smaller kids. It’s still a fully functioning “car,” but it’s electronically limited to 2 or 5 miles an hour (your choice) and has simpler controls. When your child lets go of the gas, the car stops immediately!

What really makes this the best go-kart for toddlers is the extreme off-roading capabilities it possesses. You can easily ride this over rocks, puddles, toys, and other obstacles with no problems. This means it’s perfect for any backyard or neighborhood, no matter how bumpy it is.


The Power Wheels Dune Racer can seat up to 2 riders totaling up to 130 lbs. It has a top speed of 2.5 or 5 mph, your choice, and can even be driven in reverse at up to 2.5 mph. It’s about 67 lbs and measures 25” x 15” x 46”. The cockpit is quite roomy, meaning that there’s more than enough space for two kids to sit without fighting.

While one of the main draws of this vehicle is the lower top speed, that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of power in the gearbox. The Dune Racer has no trouble conquering hills, bumps, and other obstacles. It’ll easily keep up with you when you go on long walks around the neighborhood or in your favorite park.

The Dune Racer operates on a rechargeable 12-volt battery. It’s easy to buy a spare and keep it charged. Since a single charge lasts upwards of 1 hour, this gives your kids quite a lot of playtime.

Of course, the biggest draw to this particular electronic vehicle is the extreme off-road capability. Puddles, curbs, and rocks are no challenge to the suspension on this vehicle. It can even be driven over ice and snow (with caution, of course).

To be clear, the Dune Racer isn’t the best choice for older kids. If you’ve got an 8 or 9-year-old, it’s probably a better idea to get them one of the other products on this page. If you’ve got a second, younger child, however, or your children are between 4 and 6, this toy will get plenty of use.

The Pros and cons of power wheels dune racer


  • Electronically limited top speed: keep your kids from injuring themselves with a low top speed of 2.5 or 5 mph 
  • Roomy Cockpit Seats Two – Multiple children can easily play together in this vehicle
  • Simple Controls – With no brake pedal (or lever), your kids can just take their foot off the accelerator to stop
  • High Weight Limit – Despite the fact that this toy is marketed towards younger kids, it can still support up to 130 lbs of weight
  • Incredible Off-Road Capability – The Dune Racer can do some pretty impressive off-roading, especially considering it’s a kid’s toy. Bumpy roads and dirt paths are no obstacle
  • Standard 12-volt battery – It’s very easy to pick up a replacement or a spare, should you choose to


  • Low Top Speed – Older, more adventurous kids may complain about the slow speed of this vehicle.
  • Less Control – One of the most fun parts about a go-kart is the way it puts your kids in the driver’s seat, for real. With no brake controls, this vehicle leaves less room for your children to experiment and learn.
  • No Drifting – There’s a trend for modern kids vehicles to support crazy spins and drift. If your kids have gotten on YouTube and caught the drifting bug, this vehicle won’t satisfy that.


This is by far the best go-kart for 4 to 6-year olds. It’s safe, reliable, and can drive just about anywhere. On top of that, it’s got a long battery life and plenty of room for a second kid. If your kids are too young for a faster go-kart, this Power Wheels toy is a perfect option.

Razor power rider 360 electric tricycle

The Razor Power Rider isn’t quite the same as a go-kart. It is, however, a powerful electric vehicle that’s perfect for adolescents and even teens. The full 360-degree movement offered by the rear caster wheels lets the rider do some pretty crazy maneuvers that simply aren’t possible on a 4-wheel go-kart. This translates into a whole lot of fun for your kids as they spin around the driveway, street, or sidewalk.

Razor recommends this product for ages 8 and up. Again, you’re free to judge how responsible and ready your own kids are. This powered tricycle is a fantastic toy for any child who’s under 120 lbs and can be trusted with a motorized vehicle.

First of all, the Razor Power Rider 360 is fantastically cheap. You can comfortably purchase two of them for the price of some of the other recommendations on this page and have room to spare.

It’s not a go-kart, however. This may cause some initial friction, especially if your kids wanted a go-kart specifically. This will pass. While the Razor Power Rider doesn’t have four wheels, its unique mode of operation makes it incredibly fun.

The design of the Power Rider is simple: it’s got a front wheel that’s attached to the controls and motor. The back end of the device is attached via a spinning hinge and has a small seat on top of two caster wheels. These wheels support the full motion in all directions and can turn independently. The result is a tricycle that goes wherever you point the steering wheel.

With a bit of practice, the rider can use his or her arms to keep the tricycle at whatever angle they’d like while moving in a different direction entirely. This means “drifting,” 360 degree spins, and other complex maneuvers are all pretty easy. It also makes even the most basic of rides incredibly fun, as the driver has an unprecedented level of control.

As far as power goes, the Power Rider is no slouch. It can hit 9 MPH with a 120 lb rider, which is quite comparable to the full-sized go-karts above.

The Power Rider comes with a rechargeable 12V battery. It can run for about 30 minutes on a full charge and takes up to 12 hours to recharge fully. When it’s assembled, it measures 27” x 10” x 25” and weighs about 33 lbs.

The Pros and cons of  Razor power rider 360 electric tricycle


  • Unique Design – Riding the Power Rider is a total blast. The caster wheels allow your kids to have a crazy amount of fun each time they ride it
  • Big Motor – While the trike itself is pretty small, the motor can still get riders up to 9 miles per hour.
  • Inexpensive – This is easily the least expensive product on our list, barring some crazy sales. You can purchase one of these on a fairly tight budget.
  • Room To Grow – Because the Power Rider can support riders up to 120 lbs, your children will get to ride it for years.
  • Inexpensive – This is easily the least expensive product on our list, barring some crazy sales. You can purchase one of these on a fairly tight budget.
  • Lightweight – The other go-karts on this page weigh almost twice as much as this motor trike. This means it’s much easier to throw in the car and take it to the park.


  • Short Operation: With only 30 minutes of use time per charge, this toy won’t get your kids out of the house for very long. They’ll have lots of fun while they’re outside, but only for a short while.
  • No Off-Roading – The caster wheels in the back of this tricycle don’t like bumps bigger than a sidewalk crack. You can’t really take this on dirt trails.


The Razor Power Rider 360 is a pretty solid choice for someone looking to save some money on an unconventional go-kart. It’s one of the most fun options available due to the unique 360-degree spinning rear wheels and is pretty darn cheap to boot. You’ll save some money while giving your kids a toy that they’ll love.

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Razor dune buggy ​​​​​

The Razor Dune Buggy is a more traditional style go-kart. It’s a small metal frame with big, knobby rubber wheels, a 350-watt electric motor, and a bucket seat with a seatbelt. There’s a steering wheel, a brake, a bit of padding, and throttle control, but there’s not much else. This provides a classic seat-of-your pants go-kart experience.


There are some pretty big differences between the Dune Buggy and the Ground Force Drifter above. First off, the Dune Buggy’s metal frame is designed to form a bit of a barrier between the rider and the environment. With your child’s hands, feet, and knees inside this frame, there’s a much smaller chance that they’ll scrape themselves while they learn how to drive.

Secondly, the wheels on the Dune Buggy are big and feature gripped tread. This makes it a much better machine for go-karting on dirt fields, poorly maintained roads, and other uneven surfaces. If you live somewhere with access to dirt trails, this go-kart is probably the superior choice.

Finally, the Dune Buggy has a slightly smaller weight limit and a slightly lower top speed. These differences aren’t huge (9 mph vs 12 and 120 lbs vs 140), but it is worth noting that this machine will lose in an even race.

The Dune Buggy is 65 lbs and approximately 41” x 26” x 17”.

The Pros and cons of  Razor dune buggy


  • Strong Steel Frame – Not only is this go-kart durable, it also features a miniature roll cage that minimizes accidental contact between the driver and the outside world.
  • Padded Interior – Unlike other go-karts, this stripped-down racer has padding on the interior to provide a more comfortable, safer ride (complete with a seatbelt)
  • Gripped Wheels – The treaded rubber wheels provide a smooth ride over uneven terrain
  • Active Rear Suspension – This means no sore butts when kids go over bumps in the road.
  • Rechargeable Electric Motor – No need to worry about gasoline or complex maintenance.
  • Room To Grow – With support for riders up to 120 lbs, this will keep your kids entertained for several years


  • Long Charge Times – While we like the lack of gas or motor maintenance, a gas go-kart can be “charged” instantly.
  • No “Safety” Throttle Mode – You can’t limit the speed of this go-kart. If your kids ride it, they get to go full speed.


This Razor Dune Buggy is a classic go-kart. It provides a fast, barebones ride with just enough amenities to keep your child safe and comfortable. It’s probably the best classic go-kart for a 9-year old on the market. If you’ve got a younger child, however, you may want to consider the more conservative option below.

Razor Ground Force

The Ground Force is a conventional version of the Ground Force Drifter. It’s a light electric go-kart with a powerful motor that can reach up to 12 miles per hour. It’s perfect for kids who are more interested in traditional kart driving (and racing) than doing fancy drifts. If the Ground Force Drifter is the best go-kart for kids (and we think it is), the Ground Force is a close second.

Weighing in at 65 lbs, the Ground Force is perfect for adolescents and even young teens. It supports riders up to 140 lbs. The kart itself measures 41″ x 16″ x 29″, meaning your kids have plenty of room to grow into it.

As we mentioned before, this kart has a top speed of 12 miles an hour. This is more than enough to get a nice sensation of speed, especially when coupled with the tight control provided by the rubber wheels. It’s not fast enough to put your kids in real danger, however. They’ll probably be able to sprint faster than this kart can travel.

The battery has enough juice for about 45 minutes of use. A full charge can take up to 12 hours, which is fairly long, so you’ll want to pick up a backup battery if your kids like really long sessions. Still, the Ground Force will do a great job of getting your kids out of the house for about an hour every day.

While the Ground Force comes with a seatbelt, user reports indicate that it has a habit of breaking after particularly abrupt stops. You might want to consider mounting your own seatbelt to this kart. This isn’t too hard for anyone with a few tools and access to a local hardware store.

Overall, this kart is one of the best options you can find as far as electric traditional karts go. It’s inexpensive, has a powerful motor and strong tires, and is easy for your kids to control. The best part is that it’s backed by quality Razor customer service should anything go wrong.

The Pros and cons of  Razor Ground Force


  • Powerful Electric Motor — Can hit 12 mph and support up to 140 lbs
  • High Weight Limit — Plenty of space for your kids to grow into
  • Safer Than Gas Karts — Fast enough for fun, but not fast enough for serious injuries
  • Traditional Kart Design — Perfect for racing and controlled driving


  • Run Time — Almost an hour of driving time per charge
  • Flimsy Seat Belt


The Razor Ground Force is an ideal choice for families who want a traditional style electric go-kart to drive on flat concrete. It’s got a powerful motor, easy controls, a strong frame, and normal, grippy wheels to keep your kids in control the whole time. They’ll love zooming around the neighborhood in style.

Berg Toys Junior Buddy 

Electric karts might be lots of fun, but they don’t give your kids any exercise. If you’re worried about the physical fitness of your kids (or you don’t want to worry about charging a battery), the Berg Junior Buddy might be the kart for you. It’s a pedal-powered go-kart complete with four pneumatic tires, a steering wheel, and an advanced braking system to keep the ride easy and intuitive.

Measuring at 26″x 44″x 25″, the Junior Buddy is actually pretty big. It weighs 40 lbs and can support riders of up to 150 lbs. Berg suggests that it’s best for riders between the ages of 3 and 8.

The most interesting feature of the Berg Buddy is the way the pedals work. When you pedal forward you provide power to the wheels and zoom along. When you stop pedaling, however, you can coast as if you were on a bicycle. Pedaling backward enables you to access coaster brakes or even drive the vehicle backward. It’s a truly marvelous system that lets your child feel like they’re driving a kart even as they pedal.

Berg has outfitted the Junior Buggy with big pneumatic tires that can conquer most neighborhood terrain. This means your kids can take this kart in the backyard or on smoother outdoor trails. Without a battery limiting the runtime, your kids will have lots of time to explore your neck of the woods with this human-powered kart.

The seat on the Junior Buddy adjusts to help ensure riders of various sizes and ages are comfortable. This is a nice feature for parents with multiple kids or parents who want to get this kart for a younger child. They’ll be able to grow into the Junior Buddy and use it for years.

Perhaps the best feature of the Junior Buggy is how darn durable it is. There’s almost no chance that your kids will put it into any danger. Without any complicated electric parts or delicate batteries, you’ll almost certainly get many years of use out of this kart. This means you’ll have it for the kid after this one!

The Pros and cons of  Berg Toys Junior Buddy


  • No Battery — Kids can play anytime for as long as they want
  • Pneumatic Tires — Take the Junior Buggy on trails or grass with no problems
  • Innovative Pedal System — Coast and brake intuitively with the carefully configured coaster brake
  • Durable Frame — Your kids won’t ruin this kart, even if they crash it
  • Adjustable Seat — Plenty of room for your kids to grow into


  • No Battery — Your kids have to do all the work, which is less “fun” for some
  • Less Flexible Than a Bike — If you’re going to get a vehicle for your kids to pedal, a bicycle might see more use


The Berg Junior Buddy is a fresh, innovative kart that puts your kids in the driver’s seat. While they’ll have to power it with their own two legs, this comes with a number of advantages. First off, they’ll get plenty of healthy exercises. Second, they can play for as long as they want! If these features sound appealing to you, consider the Junior Buggy over a battery-powered cart. It’ll do a great job of giving your kids ways to spend their energy outside of the house. it one the best go karts for kids

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Supplier company overview: Razor

Razor USA LLC got its start making small kick scooters in 2000. Their ultra-skinny foldable design became a smash hit, resulting in sales of more than 5,000,000 scooters in 2000 alone. Since then, Razor has branched out. It now manufactures electric scooters, bicycles, electric ride-on vehicles, and more. Razor is based in Cerritos California.

As a consumer, however, the most important thing about Razor is the quality of their customer service. Razor goes above and beyond to try to maintain customer satisfaction, even when their products go wrong. This means that you’ll have no problems securing battery replacements or other warranty work on any Razor branded go-kart you purchase.

Recommended accessories for Go Karts for kids

Electric go-karts are about as safe as a bicycle. While your kids can’t fall out of the go-kart as easily, there’s still a risk that they’ll lose control of the vehicle and crash. Here are some accessories to consider, especially if you go with one of the faster, more high-performance options above.


Head injuries can be pretty nasty. Luckily, modern helmets do an exceptionally good job of absorbing impact force and keeping your children’s’ heads safe. Go-karts don’t go any faster than bicycles, so a normal bike helmet will do just fine. Be sure to inspect your children’s helmets for damage occasionally and replace them after any crashes. Helmets work really well, but they only work once.


Some of the go-karts above let your children stick their knees or elbows out of the vehicle. A full set of skateboard pads will go a long way towards preventing skinned knees and elbows. This will give your kids a bit more confidence when it comes to riding their go-kart.

Spare Batteries

Many of the above vehicles have pretty long charging times and fairly short runtimes. Picking up a spare battery can effectively double the run time and let your kids play for a bit longer. It’ll also allow you to circumvent any issues caused by a dying battery.

Safety tips 

Go-karts don’t have a lot of built-in safety features. Here are some tips to keep your kids out of harm’s way while they ride.

Safety Gear Is Important

Just because helmets aren’t necessary by law doesn’t mean your kid shouldn’t wear one. Protecting your child’s head from injury is pretty darn important. Again, be sure to inspect your child’s helmet occasionally and replace it after any crashes.

Cars Are the Biggest Concern

Even though your kid’s go-kart can go pretty fast, a collision with the ground, a fence, or even a parked car won’t do that much damage. Your biggest concern is with adult drivers who aren’t paying that much attention. Be sure to attach a safety flag to your child’s go-kart (most of them come with flags) and tell your kids to get off the road when cars are on it. It’s a good idea to go out and spot traffic yourself when you can.

Supervise, Especially In Groups

On your own, your kids will come up with some crazy ideas. When they’re with their friends, they’ll be ten times as crazy. It’s a good idea to go out and watch your kids as they play, especially when they have friends over. This gives you time to react if they start doing something truly foolish.

How to Maintenance Go Karts

Generally speaking, there isn’t a whole lot that you need to do with electric vehicles like these go-karts. The actual motors are incredibly complicated, but they’re also not prone to failing. Here are some tips to get a bit more life out of your vehicles.

Keep the Battery Charged

Most modern rechargeable batteries function best when you keep them charged. Don’t let the batteries sit idle and dead if you can help it. Instead, teach your children to charge the batteries as soon as they’re done riding their kart.

Stay Away From Extreme Temperatures

Your child’s go-kart should be stored in the garage or indoors. Even the best go-kart for kids will be damaged by extreme outdoor conditions. The battery is of particular concern, so if you have to store a go-kart outside, be sure to remove the battery and keep it at room temperature.

Look For Obvious Damage

Going over a go-kart every once in a while with your eyes isn’t the worst idea. You’ll often spot loose screws, debris caught in the wheels, and other easy-to-fix problems long before they cause a major headache. This only takes a couple of minutes and you can teach your kids to do it, too.

Question: How old does my kid need to be to a go-kart?

Answer : If you buy a go-kart yourself, there are no hard and fast rules. Razor recommends that their faster karts are used by kids over 8, while the Power Wheels Dune Racer is perfectly fine for kids as young as 4. Use your judgment: if you wouldn’t trust your kid on a vehicle they power themselves, a go-kart is probably a bad idea.

Q: How fast do go-karts go?

A: The electric go-karts on this page can go up to 12 miles per hour. This sounds pretty fast, but your kids can probably get up to higher speeds on a bicycle or even sprinting. More powerful go-karts can go upwards of 20 miles per hour, but those tend to be quite a bit more expensive.

Q: Are go-karts safe?

A: Your children can be injured doing just about anything. That said, the go-karts here don’t go faster than a bicycle and are easier to control in many cases. You’re more worried about them getting hit by a car than you are about them hitting anything.

Q: How long do go-karts run per charge?

A: Most of the go-karts here can be operated for 30 minutes to an hour on a single battery charge. To extend this, consider buying a backup battery.

Q: Can go-karts be shipped?

A: Absolutely! While go-karts can weigh up to 90 lbs. (or more!), you can still buy them online and have them shipped to your door. Rates are quite reasonable, too.

Q: Where can my kid use a go-kart?

A: Many children ride their go-karts in their backyards, driveways, and even the streets surrounding their house. They can also go-kart at a local park or a dirt field. Be sure to consider your local area when you purchase a go-kart. If you’ve got lots of dirt and gravel, something with off-road capabilities is a good idea.

Q: Do my kids need to wear a helmet while they go-kart?

A: It’s a very good idea for your kids to wear a helmet while they go-kart, but it might not be legally necessary for your area. Protecting your kids should be your top priority.

There are lots of quality electric go-karts available on the market today. All of them provide a great avenue for your children to learn valuable skills while having a great time. If you’ve got a younger kid, we think that the best go-kart for kids 4 to 6-year-olds is the Power Wheels Dune Racer. If you’ve got an older kid, however, the Razor Ground Force Drifter is probably your best bet. It’s light, cheap, and allows your child to pull off some crazy drift maneuvers that they’ll love showing off to their friends. For off-roading, the Razor Dune Buggy is a great option, and the Razor Power Cycle is a fantastic budget choice that’s still plenty of fun.

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