Best Baby Pillow for Flat Head in 2020

Are you looking for the best baby pillow for the flat head? Well, we have got you covered. We understand that landing the best baby or toddler pillow is not a walk in the park; this is why we have come up with a list of 8 products that we think are the best. We believe the review we have set up will go a long way in guiding you in your hunt for the best pillow for your baby.


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Mimos Baby Pillow New (S)-Air Flow Safety

Babymoon Pod Baby Pillow.

Boppy Preferred Head And Neck Support

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Review of Top 8 Baby Pillow for Flat Head

Mimos Baby Pillow New (S)-Air Flow Safety

The Mimos Baby Pillow (XL) is the real deal when it comes to everything’s comfort and features. Although this pillow may be one of the most expensive in the market today, it has some of the most advanced and sophisticated features you will find. From special weight distribution, excellent breathability and great ease of washing the Mimos has it all. Above all the Mimos is arguably the best baby pillow for the flathead because it is medically rated and is clinically tested and proven effective in treating cases of flat head syndrome or plagiocephaly.

Feature of Mimos Baby Pillow (XL)-Air Flow Safety

When it comes to ensuring the baby’s head is molded into the right shape the Mimos Baby Pillow is king. This is possible due to its design that is especially suited for ensuring that the baby’s head weight is distributed well on the pillow. This goes a long way in controlling plagiocephaly and ensuring maximum comfort.

Ease of washing cannot be better than this. It is possible to effectively clean the Mimos Baby Pillow using a washing machine. Additionally, this pillow is made of stain and mite resistant material which apart from making it much easy to clean, means it doesn’t get dirty fast.

Considering that most pillows are made of synthetic materials nowadays, they expose babies to harmful chemicals used to make them, This is in addition to producing bad and irritating smells. With the Mimos you are guaranteed a great experience for baby in this regard. The Mimos Baby Pillow is made out of chemical-free materials that are also odor-free.

Forget worrying about suffocating while on the pillow. The Mimos Baby Pillow is made out of TUV certified breathable fabric that is safe for your baby. Good breathability also means it has good air circulation hence preventing baby from sweating profusely on hot days.

When it comes to versatility and convenience, the Mimos Baby Pillow has got you covered. It comes with an indentation on both sides. This means that you can use both sides for your convenience.

The Pros and cons of  Mimos Baby Pillow (XL)-Air Flow Safety


  • It is extremely easy to clean. 
  • Safe to sleep in for a baby.
  • Odorless and scent-free.
  • Clinically tested and medically rated.
  • Cheaper than a helmet.


  • It’s not budget-friendly due to the high price range.
  • There is no return policy on the product.


From the above comprehensive review, it is evident that the Mimos baby pillow is arguably the best pillow there is. Don’t let a case of the flat head syndrome on your baby stress when you can order the Mimos in no time. Get yours today.

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Babymoon Pod Baby Pillow

The Babymoon Pod baby pillow from the renown Babymoon brand works like a boss. Indeed it is the most prescribed pillow as a therapy to prevent Plagiocelaphy by neurosurgeons everywhere. It is specially designed to prevent cases of flat head syndrome for infants between ages 0-6 months. After the 6 month mark, the Babymoon is designed to act as neck support for the baby Cleaning is also super easy on this pillow. Finally, this amazing pillow is proudly made in the USA for ultimate safety and quality.

Feature of Babymoon Pod Baby Pillow

When it comes to how easy it is to clean, the Babymoon Pod baby pillow is on top there. Just pop it in a washing machine and Wallah! There you have a clean pillow for your baby.

Babymoon understands that a baby’s skin can get very irritable and allergic to certain pillow material. With this in mind, the Babymoon Pod is crafted using hypoallergenic and super soft polyester material. This ensures your baby sleeps comfortably without any adverse effects.

Imagine a pillow that can be used for multiple purposes. The Babymoon features a special design that allows it to be used during nursing, sleeping, playtime and during grooming.

The pillow can be used to secure the baby during travell or playtime by use of the velcro strip that can be used to attach the two sides of the pillow for additional security. click here for more..

The Pros and cons of  Babymoon Pod Baby Pillow


  • Easy to clean by way of a washing machine and machine dryer. 
  • Versatile and can be used for various different uses.
  • Extremely durable.
  • It does not adversely affect the baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Surprisingly comfortable and soft.


  • It may not be budget-friendly since it is in the high price range.
  • You cannot put it in the crib.


It is evident that the Babymoon Pod baby pillow is especially big on comfort and indeed it is the most prescribed pillow as a therapy to prevent Plagiocelaphy by neurosurgeons everywhere. Don’t let the high price range discourage you from getting one for baby.

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Boppy Preferred Head and Neck Support

The Boppy Preferred Head And Neck Support is the best baby pillow on the go. This thing of beauty comes with a 2-1n-1 design that protects the baby from Plagiocelaphy and protects the neck muscles at the same time. This is made possible by the removable neck ring cushion that is nothing short of revolutionary.


It provides protection from flat head syndrome and provides adequate neck support at the same time. The Boppy features the Nogging head nest support and the cushioned removable neck ring for this very purpose,

Very easy to clean pillow since it is machine washable. The pillow also comes with a clear plastic zippered case that helps to keep it clean in addition to aiding in easy transportation.

The Boppy features a revolutionary 2-sided reversible design that allows one to use both sides depending on the prevailing season. The cool cotton surface is specially designed for summer while the mink material is for winter.

It can be trusted to secure your baby while on the car seat without worries of injury in case anything happens on the road. This is because it is crash tested and approved.

Forget about incompatibility with the various equipment at your disposable. The Boppy is compatible with a bouncer, car seat, stroller, and swing.

The Pros and cons of  Boppy Infant to Toddler Pillow


  • The product is very cheaply priced. 
  • It can be used in any prevailing season without any problem
  • Easy to clean products
  • Crash-resistant and secure for the baby
  • It can be used for babies aged zero and above


  • The material is not breathable and makes baby sweat a lot on hot dayss
  • Rides up easily and does not stay in place well


The Boppy Preferred Head And Neck Support is the ultimate pillow if you are looking to take your with you on the go. Being crash-resistant, you can be sure of their safety. This coupled with the fact that it is the cheapest pillow in our category is worth celebrating. Don’t hesitate to get one of these especially for your car seat.


Cloud Lamb Organic Cotton Baby Protective Pillow

Imagine your baby sleeping in a comfy lamb? How adorable. That is the Cloud Lamb baby protective pillow for you. This pillow is not only famed for its adorable design but also for its breathable cotton material that is padded using a hypoallergenic polyester material for ultimate comfort and safety. This amazing pillows can also be used for a broad range of purposes such as during breastfeeding, playtime and diaper changes.

Imagine your baby sleeping in a comfy lamb? How adorable. That is the Cloud Lamb baby protective pillow for you. This pillow is not only famed for its adorable design but also for its breathable cotton material that is padded using a hypoallergenic polyester material for ultimate comfort and safety. This amazing pillows can also be used for a broad range of purposes such as during breastfeeding, playtime and diaper changes.

The cloud lamb is crafted using natural materials that are 100% eco-friendly. The organic cotton material used to craft the pillow features no chemicals as a result of dyeing or printing. The cotton used is non-GMO, with no herbicide, pesticides or fungicides used during production.

It comes with a functional design that features indentation on both sides of the pillow. This allows the baby to sleep on any of the two sides.

Inner stuffing is crafted using a hypoallergenic polyester material for additional comfort while being mild on the sensitive baby skin at the same time. This allows the baby to sleep comfortably without adverse effects.

When it comes to cleaning, one only needs to place it in a washing machine under the right conditions.

The Pros and cons of Cloud Lamb Baby Protective Pillow


  • Easy to wash in a washing machine. 
  • The materials used are extremely comfortable.
  • Safe and eco-friendly pillow.
  • One is able to return the product in case they are not satisfied with it.
  • Reasonably priced pillow.


  • It is not adequately breathable.
  • You cannot control the height of neck support on this pillow.


Your infant will absolutely love the Cloud Lamb Baby Protective Pillow not just because it is cute but also because of its comfort. You will also love the fact that it quickly rectifies cases of flat head syndrome and it is crafted using eco-friendly materials.

Wellifes Baby Pillow for Newborns

When it comes to safety for the baby the WelLifes Baby Pillow for Newborns is the real deal. Constructed using cloud9 organic cotton that is not treated using chemicals or fertilizers from the USA, it is sure to be very eco-friendly. The pillow is also handcrafted by highly skilled personnel from South Korea and hence cannot be compared with other mass-produced pillows. This in addition to the breathable and hygiene construction prevents suffocation and growth of harmful microbes.


The WelLifes is sure to prevent and control cases of flat head syndrome effectively. This is due to the concave center construction on the pillow.

The pillow features certified pure organic cotton fabric construction on the front side. It is reinforced with a sponge to boost comfort and a sense of durability.

The backside is constructed using 3D air mesh fabric that helps keep air cool during summer and warm during winter. This fabric is also 100% hypoallergenic and mild on baby’s sensitive skin.

Fits perfectly for babies with heads of varying sizes since it is adequately sized. It measures in at a width of 13.5 inches by a height of 9.5 inches.

Easy to clean using a washing machine and has no problems in regaining its original plush shape when subjected to a dryer.

The Pros and cons of  WelLifes Baby Pillow for Newborns


  • The 3D air mesh fabric makes the pillow extremely breathable. 
  • Easy to clean with a dry cleaning machine.
  • Crafted using certified and eco-friendly materials
  • Reasonable price tag.
  • 100% handcrafted


  • It becomes flat after constant washing
  • The middle indentation can be big for very young infants


The fact that the WelLifes Baby Pillow for Newborns is made out of eco-friendly material and handcrafted. makes it great for environmentally conscious people looking for something different. This pillow is safe and comes at a reasonable budget-friendly price. I cannot recommend it more!

Baby Head Shaping Memory Foam Pillow

Are you looking for a simple, well designed and wide enough pillow at a great price? You are in luck because the Baby Love Memory Foam Pillow is just what you need for your little bundle of joy. This amazing pillow features premium memory foam to ensure your baby’s head is evenly rounded during the newborn and infancy stages. It also features an innovative shoulder rest that helps with preventing and easing cases of Torticollis and acid reflux in young ones. All these features are available to you at an unbeatable budget-friendly price.


Baby Love seems to have had all hygiene concerns sorted since the foam material is water-resistant and is laced with anti-bacterial agents. This effectively prevents the growth of harmful microbes that can cause infections on the baby or result in bad odors.

Features original BASF memory foam that takes the shape of the baby’s head for perfect shaping and provides ultimate comfort. The foam material is of absolutely great quality and completely odor-free.

Forget about synthetic materials such as polyester on the Baby love because this pillow’s external casing is made out of organic cotton that is both soft and mild on the baby’s skin.

The pillow is able to effectively combat cases of Torticollis and acid reflux on newborns. This is due to the pillow’s innovative design that includes a shoulder rest with an adequate shoulder room.

The Pros and cons of  Baby Love Head Shaping Memory Foam Pillow


  • The memory foam is much more comfortable than indents 
  • Infants cannot overgrow the pillow since it is big enough
  • Water and bacteria resistant and is safe for newborns.
  • The outer pillowcase is easily removable.
  • Comes at a very reasonable price


  • It does not secure the baby from turning side to side
  • Not breathable at all


Baby Love Head Shaping Memory Foam Pillow is a great pillow from an equally great brand. The fact that it can be used to effectively prevent and treat Plagiocelaphy and Torticollis is enough for any parent to cash their next paycheck and get it for baby.

Babymoov Cosymorpho Universal Newborn Cushion

The Babymoov Cozymorpho Support Pillow from Babymoov is constructed with comfort in mind. When you first set your eyes upon this thing of beauty, you can fail to notice the effort and time taken to ensure the user gets to enjoy maximum safety and comfort. From memory foam to prevent cases of uneven distribution of pressure to breathable padding that ensure good air ventilation to the whole body, you are guaranteed a quality product.

Imagine a pillow that is comfortable to the baby even after hours of laying there? This is exactly what the Babymoov Cozymorpho Support Pillow can achieve thanks to the memory form used to craft its padding. This perfectly eliminates pressure on the baby and gives unparalleled comfort.

The Babymoov is a bed in itself. It features an innovative padded design on its edges in addition to the fact it spans from the baby’s head to its toes. This works by reassuring the young one and giving it the utmost comfort.

The baby’s head back and neck can now stay cool even after spending hours sleeping thanks to the Babymoov Cozymorpho Support Pillow. This is made possible by the micro-breathable fabric used to construct the pillow.

Apart from its ability to provide protection against flat head syndrome this pillow is able to provide adequate back and neck support to the infant. Indeed the Babymoov is recommended by pediatricians everywhere due to its great plagiocephaly prevention.

The Babymoov Cozymorpho Support Pillow can be used with a 2,3 and 5-point harness which makes it universally compatible with travel and recreation equipment such as car seats, strollers, swings, and bouncers.

The Pros and cons of  Babymoov Cozymorpho Support Pillow


  • It is a universal cushion that is compatible with the car seat, bouncers, swings, and strollers.
  • Memory foam materials make it unbelievably comfortable.
  • The product is very slight and lightweight and can be carried along easily.
  • The price tag on the pillow is reasonable and budget-friendly.
  •  It is medically rated and recommended by pediatricians for plagiocephaly therapy.


  • The foam headpiece takes time to dry after washing
  • Maybe small for older infants.


The Babymoov Cozymorpho Support Pillow is a king when it comes to everything comfort and is surely worth a try. The fact that it is medically rated, recommended by pediatricians and comes at a very budget price makes it very hard to resist. Get yours today and let your baby enjoy its immense benefits.

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Mkicesky Baby Pillow, Memory Foam Infant Head Shaping Sleeping Pillow

Have you ever heard of the saying that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”? Well, the Long Baby Infant Pillow has to be the pillow with the most simple design you will find anywhere. Do not judge it at face value because it parks some amazing and innovative features that are sure to blow you off your feet. It comes with breathable memory foam with breather holes as well as a ventilative and cotton pillowcase. All these features work in tandem to give you one of the most comfortable pillows there is.

For comfort and breathability, the Long baby infant pillow is endowed with a memory foam padding with breathing holes. The memory foam material is crafted using foam of differential densities to keep the pressure at a minimum. The breathing holes on the other hand work by increasing airflow in order to keep the head and neck cool.

Features a concave shape which is great for ensuring that the baby’s head stays well shaped all the time. This shape also works by preventing the baby from rolling over and sleeping on the side of their head or falling out of the pillow.

The top pillowcase is made of pure cotton which is gentle on the baby’s skin. This is made possible because it is hypoallergenic. This pillow also comes with an anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite lining that is also breathable.

The Pros and cons of  Long Baby Infant Pillow


  • Pillow is lightweight and can be carried and stored easily.
  • Safe, suitable and comfortable for an infant.
  • Breathable pillow.
  • The casing is soft and absorbs sweat easily
  • It comes with a budget-friendly price tag


  • Too large for most strollers and other equipment.
  • The pillow cannot take direct-sunlight exposure as it can damage the structure of the pillow.


Long Baby Infant Pillow from Mkicesky is the ultimate master of simplicity though it performs its functions to perfection. Going by its budget-friendly price tag as well as its innovative features, it is a pillow that every parent ought to get for their bundle of joy.

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How to choose the best Pillow for Flat Head

With all the pillows doing rounds in the marketplace, choosing the right one for the baby flat head syndrome is not a walk in the park. Babies with flat head syndrome require special pillows that protect their heads from further deterioration. Below is a list of features that one should look for in a pillow in order to protect from the flat head syndrome.

  1. Softness.

A pillow that isn’t soft is very uncomfortable for the baby and consequently, it can’t get to sleep well. Always go for a pillow that is made of soft material that is comfortable on the skin at all times. This will go a long way in preventing the baby from constantly waking up while in their crib.

  1. Breathable.

The best baby pillow for flat head syndrome should be above all very breathable. This is because the pillow is probably going to get stuffy due to sweat produced by the baby. Other than preventing the pillow from becoming stuffy due to sweating, a breathable pillow prevents suffocation.

  1. Durable.

Imagine a pillow that only lasts for a few months before it starts to show signs of wear and tear? This would not be desirable, right? That is why a good pillow for the baby should be durable and able to stand the test of time. While finding out if a pillow is durable just by looking at it is virtually impossible, always look out for customer reviews in order to ascertain this. A good pillow is one that feels the same even after a few months of constant usage.

  1. Easy to Wash Pillow.

We all agree that babies need top hygiene as they are susceptible to various ailments caused by dirt. One way of maintaining your baby’s hygiene is ensuring the pillow you get is capable of being easily washed. Dirt on a pillow usually accumulates due to drooling and acid reflux that is normal in a newborn. A dirty pillow is irritating and prevents the baby from getting adequate and good sleep.

  1. Easy on the Skin.

Unlike adult skin, a baby’s skin is easily irritable. This means that pillows will certain material will irritate the baby and prevent good sleep and consequently worsen the flat head syndrome. It is also important to know that some pillows that are excellent for an adult may not be the best for the baby. The best baby pillow for flat head, therefore, should be crafted with hypoallergenic material that is mild to the baby’s skin.

Question: What is flat head syndrome? 

Answer:Flathead syndrome or Pagiocelaphy is a condition whereby a baby’s head has a flat spot or misshapen due to spending so much time lying on their back. Infants are susceptible to this condition because their skulls are soft and pliable during birth.

Q: What materials are baby support pillows made of?

A: Baby support pillows are usually constructed with a wide range of soft materials that help enhance comfort. The most common materials include cotton, polyester and memory foam material. Some pillows also feature breathable fabric that allows for greater air circulation through the pillow.

Q: How do baby support pillows help with flat head syndrome?

A: Support pillows generally work by providing extra padding which eases negative pressure on the baby’s head. Most of these pillows contain indentation that prevents the exerting of pressure on the back of the head. They also feature ergonomic designs that help mold the baby’s skull into a rounder shape.

Q: What other ways will support pillows help my baby?

A: Because infant babies have weak necks they may suffer from a slightly twisted neck or Torticollis if they are allowed to lie in a bad position. Most support pillows provide additional support and padding to the neck area hence keeping it in the right position. Pillows also help in alleviating cases of acid reflux and spit-up problems.

Q: How do I wash my baby pillow?

A: Most pillows available in the market are easy to clean and maintain. While hand washing of pillows is always recommended, it is understood that parents may be busy. Many manufacturers have therefore come up with pillows that can be easily cleaned using a washing machine.

Q: Can I use a baby pillow to secure a sleeping baby?

A: While most pillows claim to be crafted with breathable material. It is important to ensure that they are not used on a sleeping baby due to the risk of position asphyxia or chocking. Pillows should only be used for awake-time situations such as propping, nursing, and playtime.

Q: Can I use baby pillows in other places?

A: Absolutely! Most protective pillows can be used in equipment such as swings, bouncers, strollers, bassinets, and car seats. Some of the best baby pillow for flat head syndrome come with harness support for additional safety while on these implements.

From our discussion the various baby pillows used for preventing the flat head syndrome, it is evident that each pillow has got unique features and qualities. While choosing the right pillow for your baby will also depend on your tastes and preference, it is important to follow the guide we prepared for you below. The budget should also influence your decision in a great way. While pillows like the Mimos Baby Pillow have great and innovative features they may not be budget-friendly. In our low down, we have enumerated quite a number of pillows that affordable and a great bang for the buck at the same time. With this in mind, it will be easier for you to make an informed choice. Would I recommend these pillows? Although the Mimos is really the best pillow of them all, I wouldn’t recommend the rest of them more.

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