Best Nightlight for Breastfeeding review 2021

Lights have a significant effect on our life. When it is about the matter of night light, it is more vital than daylight. From newborns to kids to adults, lights make a great effect on every person on the earth. Adult people like to sleep in dark. But babies on the other hand feel unprotected in dark. Eventually, the family people, especially the mother stay with a baby, they need to keep beside light at night too. Therefore, in this amazing article, we will discuss the best nightlight for breastfeeding. It will be worth it for the mothers of the newborns as well as the kids.

Top 7 Nightlight information’s in a brief scheme



Key Feature

Revews & Rating

Heim Vision N600S Night​​​​​light

  • Compatible with WiFi.
  • Alexa voice control is included.

Hatch Rest+ Baby Sound Machine

  • connected with Wi-Fi.
  • customized timer for sleep routines

Moredig Nightlight Proje​​​​ctor

  • remote-controlled night light.
  • 3 ways to power

Cute Chick Bedside Nightlight

  • Bobbles and swing with delight touch.
  • Adjustable touch control.

VAVA Home VA-CL006 Nightlights

  • filter to protect eyesight.
  • Great for outside use.

2BEONE Baby NightLight

  • It’s very lightweight.
  • Highly portable

Mr.Go 8-inch LED Egg Light

  • It’s very lightweight.
  • remote controlling

Specifications before buying the best nightlight for breastfeeding

Especially for breastfeeding mothers and little kids, nightlights are the most needed object than any other period of life. Some specifications might be helpful to find out the best night light for breastfeeding. Those are as follows.

Quality: It is quality that makes a product an exceptional item from a lot of existing products. Besides, a qualitative material will require some more cost from everywhere. Therefore, night light made with plastic base and simple design won’t cost too much and give you a good service. In contrast, a qualitative product with an LED light will cost a bit more and allow you to have more life from a night light.

Expense: You might consider the cost of the night light. Because the expense of things varies according to the quality. No problem whether you have a limited budget or more. You can purchase a medium level night light with good quality within a tight budget too. On the other hand, you can select the best quality product if you have a higher budget.

Color of the ray: Another important thing that breastfeeding mothers should consider is the color of the ray of bulbs. At night, white color bulbs look more vibrant than dark color bulbs. These light color bulbs like yellow or white can create disturbance to the baby while it is sleeping. Instead, it would be a wise decision if you select a dark color light such as a red bulb. It will increase the melatonin of your baby’s body and help your baby to sleep well and longer time.

Lifetime: Usually, a nightlight has a life span of seven to ten years. It will depend on the quality, usage, care, and material of the light. If you buy a night light of better or fantastic quality and use it carefully, it will approximately serve you around ten years or more. In contrast, if you, unfortunately, select a night light of minimum quality and use it without care, it will lose its power faster than the former one. So, consider buying the best quality night light and use it wisely in case you want to get longer durability.

Kind of light/bulb: Lights can be of different qualities and kinds. Also, different volts of lights will give much or less brightness. Electroluminescent, LED, halogen, incandescent, and CFL night lights are mostly available in the market. Though an LED light will cost a bit more, it will give you better performance than the latter three kinds of bulbs. But, an electroluminescent light will cost less than all of these kinds.

Aspect: The aspect of light is another essential thing to consider. Before buying a night light for you or your baby, watch and choose the dimension carefully. Once you buy a thing, it is quite tough to alter that. Therefore, measure the area or place initially where you want to put the night light and then go for a specific light. It will be the wisest thing to do.

Portability: Sometimes, you can’t get the advantage to set a night light on the place where it should be or you want it to be. Or you can’t get enough light where a night light is placed. Sometimes you need the light farther from you. While some other times, you need the light closer to you. Therefore, a portable light will be perfect for solving these problems as you can carry it or put it anywhere according to your necessity. 

Functioning System: The functioning or controlling system of light is a vital point. The functioning system of night lights can be of different types. Such as-

  • Switch controlling light:  A switch controlling night light will be like a regular light that   we used in our home, office, or other places. You have to reach to the corner of a room     to switch on/off the light in case you get a switch-controlled one. This can create           problems for you in addition to your baby.
  • Remote controlling light: On the other hand, you can operate a remote-controlled light without having much disturbance. Thus, a remote control light will be an amazing selection as you won’t have to get up from the bed to on/off the light. Just remember one thing, you have to keep an extra battery in case you need it.
  • Voice controlling light: Another controlling system of night lights is the modern system known as voice controlling system. You can operate these types of night light using your voice through android or smartphone with Alexa voice controlling system or Google voice assistant as well. This can be a smart choice for accomplishing night-time necessities.

The outlet of the place: It is important to think about the outlet of the area or place or room where you are going to set a night light. A night light that requires a socket to set up can be a bit dangerous for the babies or kids. Instead, night lights with a rechargeable LED battery will be safer for babies. Therefore, think about the outlet before buying a night light.

Bed-friendly: As you need the best night light for breastfeeding, your light should be friendly with your bed. Bed-friendly lights are easy to control than an electricity-controlled light. But both of those lights have advantages and disadvantages. In its place, you can consider a night light that you can operate using your android or smartphone. Thus, you can set it beside your bed without even making any sudden noise.

Warranty: The warranty of the electrical gadgets differ from one another. Also, it depends on the manufacturing system and the product’s features. In general, manufacturers or sellers won’t give a warranty of more than one year in the case of an average night light. But some of the best-quality night lights may be offered up to a warranty of one and a half years or two years as well.

Customer’s Review: You know that sellers can’t use everything that they are selling. But they try their best to sell things with believable words that sometimes seems wrong when you use that product. Besides, almost everything is available in the online marketplace nowadays. Some people just buy things and stay silent about whether the product is good or bad. While some other people like to give a review after using a product. You will get those reviews on the websites of a product. And that review will help you a lot to select the best product. Hence, check the customers’ reviews thoroughly before you make the final decision of buying any night light.

Miscellaneous: A nicer designed night light will cost a bit more than an average designed light. LED lights will serve better and be safe for the babies. But these will be much pricey than the halogen or incandescent lights. If you give the highest priority to the safety issue, you have to think thoroughly about all of these things.

There is a huge difference between using anything carefully and recklessly. Thus, in addition to the warranty, guarantee, or quality, you have to be cautious of using a night light or any electric gadget so that you can get durable service. Considering all of the stated specifics thoroughly, you will get the best night light for feeding the baby.

7 Best Nightlight for breastfreeding 2021 

Heim Vision N600S Nightlight

Heim Vision is a fantastic night light that is appropriate for the night time necessities. With its amazing quality and outlook, this one is the best night light for nursing. Its overall specifics have made this night light more demandable to its end users. Different features of Heim Vision’s N600S are as follows.


  • This amazing night light is beautifully crafted with BPA free plastic. The material is safe for newborn babies, kids, and mothers as well.
  • With its contemporary design, the N600S night light will give you the advantage to control it with your smartphone or android.
  • This night light weighs 1.26 pounds. And its lightweight has made it easy to carry. Its touch-regulating light is simple to manage too.
  • Heim Vision has 27 soft music included in it. Thus, this battery-free night light will soothe your baby with fantastic calming sounds.
  • N600S is a sophisticated product of Heim Vision with a dimension of 3.9 x 3.9 x 6.3 inches. Therefore, you will need less space to keep it properly.
  • Also, you can shift the color of this night light however you need it. Consequently, it is the best night light for feeding baby.
  • This beautiful night light is friendly with Amazon’s Alexa voice control. Hence, you can control this light even staying beside your lovely kid.


  • Friendly with android phones.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Touch-controlling features.
  • Customizable settings.
  • 27 amazing sounds for different purposes.
  • You will get it within a budget.
  • Helps babies to sleep better.


  • Sometimes the sound seems quite noisy
  • This light won’t work except for the connection of android.

N600S is an outstanding night light where you can set the time up to your baby’s necessity. Additionally, its customizable features have made it an ideal night light that you can consider with priority.

Hatch Rest+ Baby Sound Machine, Nightlight

Hatch rest+ is an outstanding cylinder-shaped night light. It is designed to spread the light in proper proportion at bedtime. This beautiful night light is prepared with harmless plastic and given a matte finishing. With its adjustable LED clock, it can help babies to sleep well. Moreover, it has a toddler lock which made it perfectly safe for babies.


  • This night light comes with a power supply cable to charge up the battery in need. The speaker is placed on the top and provides good quality sounds for the sleeping routine.
  • To enhance the mobility of users, nothing but need a Bluetooth connection and an application on your phone. All buttons are beside the power supply port.
  • After installing the application on your phone, you can operate the Hatch night rest+ from your phone as all buttons are given in the app.
  • Besides, to possess the most pleasing combination of sound and the night light, you can make your combo from rainbow shades of light and sound library.
  • There is a dim button to customize the brightness of this night light. Moreover, there is a rub grip bottom side of the light to eliminate the shiftiness.
  • This night light is a 2 in 1 server. It works as a trainer for the toddler and an alarm clock for the kids. No extra gadget is necessary as well. But it is slight delayed to respond with Alexa.


  • This night light is Alexa-enabled.
  • It is recommended by the experts.
  • It has a backup battery.
  • ​It is designed for babies, toddlers, and kids.
  • Customizable night light color, sound, and volume.
  • Two-way audio monitor.


  • Unable to include more sounds/music from Spotify.
  • Hard to hear the baby sound over the white noise.

Also, the hatch rest+ application has a built-in sound library to induce your junior to sleep. Just tap on the ring around the speaker to enjoy the ambiance. With its long battery life, this night light will serve you all night long.

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Moredig Nightlight Projector Remote Control and Timer

Moredig children’s night light projector is an art décor. Otherwise, lighten up the night time, the light is utilized as a projector to beautify the atmosphere of the room. It has two types of power interface. With the USB power interface, it allows the users to charge it with mobile chargers or a Laptop USB port with a USB cable. It will come along with four multicolor LED’s.


  • This amazing projector light possesses three types of shades. The first is the white lamp-shade, the second is an animal world film theme print, and the third has a cosmos star sky film print.
  • With its multiple combinations of colors, you can switch shades easily with the remote control to enjoy a colorful theme.
  • This night light projector has five switch buttons to direct the motion, volume, light mode, and the projector.
  • This light has a timer button to set up the timer from 5 minutes to a maximum of 500 min (8hrs) as well.
  • Kids can enjoy soothing music during bedtime or playtime with the projector theme. In addition to that, toddlers like moving objects like this night light a lot.
  • Projector light is ideally suitable to train toddlers for bedtime. Furthermore, encourage kids to redecorate their room on a memorable occasion.


  • Adjust colorful lights, songs, and timer.
  • Rotate easily with remote control.
  • Built-in 12 soft music.
  • Several themes of the projection light.
  • 360 degrees rotate the projector.
  • Music projection lamp.


  • Battery is not included.
  • No baby lock.

To get the projection effect, it is needed to produce other leads and place one desired shade and enjoy the 360 degrees led projector effect inside the room. Moreover, this night light has four colors LED light to use as a bedtime light.

Cute Chick Bedside Nightlight for Nursing/Breastfeeding

Asani night light for kids is the cutest shape among all night light. It is a chick shape night light with a silicon-based upper half. The touch area of this light is on the top of the chick’s head. The rest of the part of the light is made with baby-safe toy-grade plastic. This night light can be used as cute nursery décor.


  • The silicon head of the light is wonderfully soft. Users can comfortably touch and hold it to turn the night light on and to adjust the brightness.
  • Touch and hold for 5 seconds for the first time use. For further use, pat and hold the top to turn it on or off the night light.
  • Asani night light has ultra-long battery life. It lights 300hrs at the lowest settings and a maximum of 8 hours at the most vibrant settings.
  • It includes powerful rechargeable batteries for extra hours. The batteries charge quickly and give a long time service.
  • In addition to that, a toddler can play with it as it can swing and wobble lightly. It has a long life warranty too.


  • Longer run time.
  • Anti-blue light LED.
  • Silicon top.
  • Energy-efficient LED.
  • Long response time (5 sec).
  • Faster charging.


  • No alarm clock.
  • No baby lock.

Therefore, to lighten up your nightlife and décor, your nursery with the cutest piece of ASANI night light will be the best choice.

VAVA Home VA-CL006 Nightlights for Kids

VAVA Home VA-CL006 is an oval-shaped night light. It performs 6 hours of non-stop service at any light mode. VAVA Home VA-CL006 Night Lights are designed with an LED light filter to protect eyesight. It supports the mother with a preset timer for nursing her baby at night.


  • The night light packet has a charging base, a charger cable, an adapter, a metal hanger, and a thank you card.
  • The sensor zone is on the top of the light. The power button is located on the bottom side of the light. Users can comfortably operate light modes with the touch zone.
  • Apart from this, users can alter the light mode by touching upon the LAVA Logo. Though it is a plastic product, it ensures the baby’s safety by using toy-grade ABS and PC materials.
  • This night light comes with a metal hanger to hang it up during the camp days. This light has three built-in modes. A night mode, a camp mode, and an SOS mode.
  • The SOS approach of this light enables communication during an emergency, as it also designs to utilize as a camp-light.


  • Three light mode.
  • Touch control.
  • Convenient charging base.
  • Customize light for external use.
  • Waterproof.
  • Pre-set timer for nursing.
  • SOS mode enables.


  • Limited battery support.
  • No baby lock.
  • Little difficult user manual.

So, for frequent travelers and for the basic night light, VAVA Home VA-CL006 Night Lights remain the desired product. Also, this night light is safe for babies because of its toy-grade material.

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2BEONE Baby Nightlight, Portable Bedside Lamp

2BEONE Baby Night Light is an incorporated battery-powered night light for kids as well as new mothers. It will come in an orange color that will attract the eyes of the babies sooner. This up-light directed night light has some specific features that will help you to consider buying this night light.


  • 2BEONE night light is manufactured with a fashionable design. It looks like an orange color Giraffe with cute eyes. Thus, babies will surely love this night light.
  • This light is prepared with safe and danger-free plastic shade material. Babies can play with it safely as the element is free of allergen.
  • This 10.2 ounces night light has an aspect of 3.7 x 3.7 x 5.6 inches. The weight of this light has made it easy to carry for kids.
  • This LED night light is safe for kids’ eyes and good for saving energy as well. Its adjustable brightness will help kids to have a sound sleep.
  • This night light will serve a long time because of its painted surface and plastic ingredient. You just have to use it caution.
  • It works with one simple button which is easy for kids to operate. It is easy to clean quickly for busy mothers too.


  • Easy to control.
  • This light will last long.
  • LED bulb for keeping the eyes safe.
  • An USB cable is included.
  • Made with danger-free material.
  • Best nightlight for the kids
  • It’s easy to clean this light as well.


  • Extra battery is not added to the package.
  • Playing with this light can decrease the lifetime.

This Giraffe-shaped night light is free of much hassle and run through a built-in rechargeable battery. But you have to buy a lithium polymer battery separately if you need another one.

Mr.Go 8-inch LED Egg Light Nightlight

Whether you are in search of the best night light for baby, or kids, or breastfeeding, Mr.Go is the perfect selection to accomplish all of those reasons. This amazing night light is decorated with plastic material and covered with a soft white color surface. Different features that made this night light outstanding for mothers and kids are as follows.


  • Mr.Go is remote control operated night light with an oval-shape. This beautiful plastic night light weighs 11.2 ounces.
  • It is the best night light for breastfeeding. Moreover, you can carry this greatly portable light for its lightweight feature.
  • This standard and wireless night light have an LED energy-saving bulb. Therefore, it will be safe for babies’ eyes and also for mothers.
  • It lightens up with the incorporated lithium-ion LED battery that is rechargeable. With a fully charged battery, this light will serve nicely all night long.
  • It has functioned with four different colors for changing its mode. This night light can be adjusted with the customized time schedule as well.
  • With a dimension of 6 x 6 x 7.9 inches, this waterproof light is perfect for indoor as well as outdoor purposes. It can change the environment with its different modes.
  • Its sixteen tones of colors can create a sleepy ambiance around your little baby. For extending the sleeping period, this light can work like magic for babies as well.


  • This light is fashionable and attractive
  • Cleansing this light is very easy.
  • It looks amazing with the oval shape.
  • The upper area is prepared with danger-free plastic.
  • This light is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • It has 16 tones of colors.
  • . It is safe for the babies as well.
  • .A lithium-ion rechargeable battery is included.


  • This night light is a little bit expensive.
  • No extra battery is added to the package.

Though Mr.Go is an awesome choice for night-time necessities, you can use this for different purposes as well. For night or day time, inside or outside purpose, office or home decoration, anywhere you can set this fantastic piece to create an exceptional ambiance.

Final Verdict

Thousands of lights with a variety of features are available in the market. And every light does not come from the same company. In addition to that, all lights are not manufactured in the same way. That is why the best night light for breastfeeding, or babies, or any other purposes is not so simple and easy to find out. You have to spend a lot of time to search and find out the best product. With this simple yet effective article, you might get your essential item within the shortest possible time. Therefore, you won’t have to waste your valuable time in the search for a night light. Instead, you can choose a product from this article, purchase it, and set it near your baby. Kids will love the music and light of these night lights hopefully.

So, happy buying.

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