The 7 Best Cheap Scooter Forks in 2021

Scooter forks are available in different types and prices. You can find a lot of variants in the material and functionally. If you want to choose a highly functional scooter fork, then you might feel hard to get it at a cheap price. Because most of the highly functional scooter forks come at a high price. Whereas, most of the best cheap scooter forks don’t come in good quality and material.

So, is it impossible to find one of the best scooter forks at a reasonable price? No, absolutely not! That’s why we have brought this article with our best picks for scooter forks at the least possible price but in outstanding quality. We have derived these products from a lot of choices and these seemed the best according to our personal experience.

Without any further ado, let’s get started with the suggestions!

Previously, you have known about the best scooter decks, best scooter wheelsand even how to customise your own scooterBut now, let’s know about the top 7 cheap scooter forks.

7 Best cheap Scooter forks Comparison Table



Key Feature

Revews & Rating

Mach 1 Liberty Threadless Aluminum Scooter Fork

Material: T6 Aluminum

Fit for: 100, 110, 120MM wheels

Colour: Blue & Chrome

Appr. Price: $ 39

Lucky Scooter SMX Fork, Red, Standard

Material: T6 Aluminum

Fit for: 100MM wheels

Weight: 15.2 Ounces

Appr. Price: $ 39

District S-Series FK15 Pro Scooter Fork

Material:Forged Aluminum

Fit for: 11 mm wheels

Weight: 10.88 Ounces

Appr. Price: $ 39

Z-FIRST SCS Pro Stunt Scooter Fork

Material:T6 Aluminum

Fit for: 100-120mm wheels

Appr. Price: $ 43

Liberty Mach 3 Threadless Scooter IHC

Material: Aircraft Grade                      Aluminum

Colour: 7 colour

Weight: Lightweight

Appr. Price: $ 54


Material: Aluminum

Fit for: up to 120 mm wheels

Weight: 11.36 Ounces

Colour: 4 colour​​

Appr. Price: $ 79

Envy Scooters Declare V2 IHC Fork – Silver

Material: 6063 Aluminum

Fit for: up to 125 mm                       wheels

Weight: 12.35 Ounces

Colour: 4 colour

Appr. Price: $ 89

Review of Top 7 best Scooter forks

Mach 1 Liberty Threadless Aluminum Scooter Fork

One of the lightest scooter forks

Stop further looking for other Scooter Forks when the Mach 1 Liberty Threadless Aluminum Scooter Fork. The CNC machined built is actually capable of making you amazed with its features. Because of the CNC machined construction, the fork comes out as strong and comes with a lightweight so that this fork can provide you with a comfortable journey.

Designers designed it with an extraordinary start so that this fork can be used with SCS and HIC compression systems. Moreover, it is very versatile as you can fit the mentioned fork into many Scooter Decks. Every single ride will bring much awesomeness with its 10 mm offset. The durability is capable of blowing every mind. Besides, the solid built with the Integrated Axle bolt Inset is responsible for this extended durability.

Often the price of the scooter forks makes us tense. But it is offering great features and qualities at a very reasonable price. While costly scooter forks can’t fulfill our desires, this one will make you feel glad for choosing it. Moreover, you will be the happiest as no other scooter fork this much functionality in the work.

  • Provides great features at a very reasonable price.
  • Extended durability.
  • Very versatile.
  • Lightweight.
  • Won’t fit into any wheel bigger than 24mm.

Lucky Scooter SMX Fork, Red, Standard

Best-performing scooter fork.

By having the Lucky Scooter Fork you will consider yourself lucky because of the incredible features that it offers. Comparatively it is the most popular among the competitors. You will hardly find any scooter fork which can provide people with the performance that Lucky Scooter Fork provides. That’s why we picked this as one of the best-performing scooter forks.

People who are looking for scooter forks for sports vehicles, good news is, it is considered to be the best for the sports vehicle. For having some incredible and flexible rides, you can totally rely on lucky scooter forks. You will get the perfect for any riding, street, park, or wherever you want to go. So obviously, the versatility will help you a lot during serious moments. Besides, the thick and solid construction with  125-Inch Steer Tube Thickness keeps it durable for years.

The scooter fork is capable of making every ride comfortable yet safe enough. Beginners also can use it without any hassle. The 6061 T6 aluminum built made it more appreciable by both beginner and expert riders. Also, it is very appreciated for its strong feedback in any situation as well. Overall, we liked the way it served us in every ride and especially the functionality over the rough roads.

  • Strong enough for tolerating rough uses.
  • Great for beginners.
  • Safe to use.
  • Excellent performance.
  • It May get worse day by day.

District S-Series FK15 Pro Scooter Fork 

Best cheap scooter fork for versatility

District S-Series Scooter fork is a classic-looking scooter fork that offers quality rides to the users. The simple design of the mentioned scooter fork is great for providing the best features and qualifications. Even the experts become amazed by seeing the versatility of this wonderful scooter fork. It is designed to be the strongest scooter fork with good features that are helpful for the riders.

The aluminum construction makes it a perfect scooter fork for constant use. The designers of this one are very conscious about the comfort of riders, that’s why they designed this to be the scooter fork that serves the most comfortable rides. Moreover, the strong construction also ensures the adhesion of each part to be reliable.

Beginners feel very comfortable while using this one as it is easy to assemble and easy to use. Your rides will become more exciting if you purchase the incredible scooter fork. If you are looking for a scooter fork that will fulfill all your needs then switch to the wonderful District S-Series Scooter fork from regular scooter forks. It is one of the cheap scooter forks in the freestyle industry, so you can hardly find anything to compete with this one.

  • Reliable.
  • Strong enough.
  • Can be used for various riding.
  • Perfect adhesion.
  • Not compatible with all wheel sizes.

Z-FIRST SCS Pro Stunt Scooter Fork

Best functional scooter fork

Having a cool scooter is a big thing to brag about. And to ride that cool scooter in freestyle, you need a scooter fork that would work amazingly with your scooter. Z-first brand presents a scooter fork that you will love. Z-FIRST SCS Pro Stunt Scooter Fork is an incredible scooter fork that would balance things perfectly with your scooter.

Z-FIRST SCS Pro Stunt Scooter Fork is made in the standard Compression SCS system. You can get it fit both 100mm and 110 mm wheels. Also, it is lightweight and durable; which means it is easily handleable. And as the scooter fork is durable your scooter stays more stable and in control. Therefore, it will be the best replacement for your existing scooter fork if you are looking for a functional yet cheap alternative.

The classic black color goes perfectly with every scooter color. So you don’t need to worry about matching the colors of your fork with your scooter. Z-FIRST SCS Pro Stunt Scooter Fork has never failed to satisfy its consumers. Every person who has tried this fork has loved the service it provides. Often, people face trouble with securing the scooter fork so that it doesn’t come off easily. With its tightening of four bolts, you can make it more secure for your scooter easily.

  • Amazing fit.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Strong.
  • Serves incredible for an extended period.
  • Average durability.

Liberty Mach 3 Threadless Scooter IHC 

Compatible with the standard scooter bars

Liberty Mach 3 Threadless Aluminum Scooter Fork is a stylish scooter fork that will fit your scooter perfectly. There is an insert lock nut here to serve the best fit in your scooter. It not only makes your scooter look stylish but also provides many advantages. All the specialties that it serves can make your riding experience more comfortable and loving.

Moving to the material, you will get it made with 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum and even has a built-in star nut. Moreover, it has a combined bearing race that provides lightweight and reliability. It makes fastening the front axle a great breeze. Liberty Mach 3 Threadless Aluminum Scooter IHC Fork is constructed to be used with the standard best scooter bars.

You will get this one available in eight different colors. So, you can choose any color you like matching your scooter. You are getting the flexibility of color choice which is not given by many popular scooter forks. Consumers have been loving it as it lifts everything about their scooter. The amazing color, the technology, and the fit everything makes it perfect for your scooter.

  • Various color available.
  • Has an insert lock nut.
  • Made with aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • Offers user flexibility.
  • Quite unpopular.


Best quality scooter fork

If you are looking for a strong, sturdy, and sleek-looking scooter fork, you should try HIC / SCS air fork. These forks are amazingly made for the freestyle riding experience in scooters. Many other scooter forks may give you the best quality but they definitely cost more. But the HIC/SCS scooter fork is completely different from the other ones. They not only promise you to provide the best quality but also offer a reasonable price.

The HIC/SCS scooter fork is elegantly made to face every challenge. You will feel that it is one of the lightest yet the strongest fork in the market. HIC/SCS scooter works great and it is made out of high-quality materials. Besides, this fork is affordable in price, so if you have a low budget, you can still use this. It can carry any weight so no matter how heavy your scooter is, you can always get the strongest backup.

You can try any color you like as there are a variety of color options. Another amazing thing about this one is, it is made in a way so that it can be installed easily. You don’t have to spend hours on this. HIC/SCS Scooter Fork also comes with a warranty, so if anything happens to your scooter fork then you can contact the company without any hesitation and they will solve your problem

  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy installation.
  • Handles heavier scooters easily.
  • Less availability.

Envy Scooters Declare V2 IHC Fork – Silver

best versatile scooter fork

The Envy Scooters Declare V2 IHC Fork is an amazing choice for your scooter. With the quality and outcome, it lets you take control of your scooter easily. It is made in a way so that you won’t have to face any trouble while riding your scooter. Again, with the help of experienced designers, it is made with great quality materials to help you with the greatest flexibility in freestyle riding.

The new Envy Scooters Declare V2 IHC Fork is built strong so that it can take any weight. Most of the scooter forks out there aren’t that strong. And even if they are strong, they are too heavy to handle. But Envy Scooters Declare V2 IHC Fork is different from all these scooters. Though Envy Scooters Declare V2 IHC Fork is strong; it is lightweight and easy to handle. These scooter forks are extremely compatible.

Envy scooter forks include 125mm wheels, a front axle, spacers. There is even a compression kit that is ready to install. This particular fork has more color options than silver. You can choose any color you want for your scooter. But you do have to make sure that your scooter is set up to utilize an IHC Fork before buying.

  • Lightweight
  • Compatible
  • Comes with compression ki ready for installation
  • Versatile options
  • Currently unavailable

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Buying Guide for the best scooter forks

As our everyday partners, scooter forks are surely the ones we should take into important considerations upon. As we use them every day, they surely are of great importance and need necessary considerations to think before buying to avoid regrets. So, here are some points to help you out as a guide in purchasing your best everyday partner :


The budget is what you need to consider and fix at first as the quality of the scooter fork depends on the budget. You need to cost a bit more if you want a product with great quality. Although it might be a little bit hard, searching a bit would help you get a product of great quality at a cheaper price.

But if you compare wisely, you can find something incredible at the least price. We have suggested some of the cheap scooter forks for you here.

Rider’s experience

The riding experience of the rider should be considered before buying to know what kind of scooter fork he or she needs to use. As elders are usually experienced more than the youngers, they can get some extra features in this for an advanced ride every day.


Warranty is one of the most important pieces of information that we should check and know before buying a product. To know how long your product would last, and to avoid any complications caused by your scooter fork, you definitely should check the warranty before buying one for your everyday partner.

Special features:

Special features are surely the greatest points of a product. It would be a great point if you can find a scooter fork with rare features that fits your budget and is high in quality. But for that, you might need to seek a lot.


The size needs to be decided first before buying a scooter fork. The bigger it is in size, the costlier it would be for you. Also, you need to consider what would fit your scooter perfectly. that’s why always check the compatibility before you buy the scooter fork for your scooter. Also, there are model variants available for different models of scooters. It’s better if you take the suggestion of the manufacturer before you buy the fork for you.


The materials used in a scooter fork of great quality are always stainless steel as a base. Your scooter fork needs to be made of rustproof stainless steel to be perfect and to avoid causing any kind of damage to your scooter as well as giving a service that lasts for a long period.


People also look for great durability in their scooter forks as they are an important part of the scooter. The durability of the fork will increase the durability of the scooter and thus will give you a long-lasting service. The durability of the scooter fork also increases its quality.

Closing words

We hope that by now you have picked up one of the best cheap scooter forks for you. All the models that we have shared here are derived from a lot of options. Our picks are self-tested to be perfect among all other choices. So, without any further doubt, you can pick one of these to serve the best for you.

If you find any problem with the installation, seek the help of a local expert. Make sure to attach the bolts and nuts properly so that the fork doesn’t come off easily. In the end, always make sure of the good quality and stainless steel material to avoid any further problems. If you are trying to get a budget-friendly product, then the District S-Series FK15 Aluminum Pro Scooter Fork (Marino) will be the perfect option for you to go for.

We hope that you will get the best possible experience with our suggestions. All the best!

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