Everything to know about Flat Head Syndrome on babies

Nowadays, it is more common for babies to sleep on their backs to avoid this problem. Despite this, there are still many pediatricians who continue to advise parents to change the position of babies during sleep.

Flat head syndrome which is also known as “plagiocephaly or brachycephaly”. This condition develops in babies due to external pressure on the skull very early in their life while their skull is still malleable.

There are many cases of children that are affected by flat head syndrome. Parents, in turn, hear different things about the impact this can have (or not) on their babies’ lives.

There is not enough research for doctors to dispel the rumors. But the truth is that this condition must be treated with special care.

Studies show that if parents notice that their children have flat head syndrome and do not take the necessary care, the child may have developmental problems. The more you delay the care of your baby the risks of developing delays may increase.

That is why parents should be very careful about babies’ heads. They should always change the position of babies while they sleep so that the head is not flattened anywhere.

What is flat head syndrome and why does it develop?

In the most severe cases, it can affect the formation of the ears, eyes and jaw. Parents should be especially careful between 0 and 4 months of age.

This condition can occur from birth or develop over time, in addition, it can appear until the age of 18 months, during which the baby’s skull bones become harder and less malleable.

It is also worth noting that children who have suffered from this syndrome can have a normal development.

Thus, although they present some developmental delay, with an adequate direction they can develop normally in the future.

Studies show that children who suffer from flat head syndrome are 10 times more likely to have developmental delays compared to children without flat head.

Parents, therefore, need to know all this information in order to take the necessary measures.

How to prevent flat head syndrome?

Some precautions are necessary to prevent babies from developing flat head syndrome. If parents do not follow the proper recommendations for babies to sleep safely, newborns may even suffer a sudden death.

Babies should sleep on their backs, in a flat place, with no toys around, without pillows, or any other object. If you have access to the right kind of information, then your baby should not suffer from this problem.


It is positive that the baby stays on his stomach while he is awake. But this should always be done under adult supervision. So, put it in that position for a short period of time every day from the birth of the child. This practice can help your child strengthen his neck muscles and will prevent flat head syndrome.

While the baby is awake, you should try to change your position from time to time. There are some babies who are at risk of developing flat head syndrome, such as premature babies, babies who are born in a difficult delivery or have a stiff neck when they are born.

It is very important that parents don’t feel guilty if their baby develops this syndrome.

If you believe that your child has a flat head, consult a doctor as soon as possible so that he can advise you on what to do.

Even though a baby who has flat head syndrome will not necessarily have developmental problems throughout his life, it is necessary to seek solutions as soon as possible and, above all, to prevent this condition.

So, if you have any questions about how to put your baby to sleep safely, consult your pediatrician and ask him to advise you on this.

The most important thing to do to prevent this affliction, is to change the baby’s position, especially when he is awake.

When baby sleeping or playing on the bed try to give him best baby pillow for flat head syndrome

How is the treatment

In more serious situations, it is necessary to use an orthotic, which is a helmet tailored to the baby’s head. The child must use the object for 3 months and only take it off to bathe and clean the product. Although this looks like a huge strain on the baby, they will adapt very easily to this.

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