How to Ensure Your Baby Remains Active

We often want our children to be active from the very start, to help them achieve a healthy start to life.

By doing so, we are allowing babies to start developing muscles and coordination, but also delivering a scientifically proven method to further improve their defenses and learn how to operate in the world that is to be their home.

The benefits of helping a baby having an active lifestyle are as important in these first years of life as they will be through adulthood.

Science cannot overstress the importance of remaining active throughout life with direct benefits in terms of coordination, neurological ability, and overall health conditions.

With that in mind, we compiled a few ideas to ensure your baby remains as active as possible.

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Enough Room

You don’t need a huge home to ensure your baby has enough space to stretch, roll and, eventually, learn to crawl and walk – with the occasional fall, do be warned.

Ensure you make just enough room to provide a safe environment where these first activities can take place.

Aim at the hours that your baby is more active (mid-morning and mid-afternoon) to help improve their ability to exercise as many muscles as possible. With it, help develop their coordination by using any didactic toys and anything safe and helpful that you believe will help them gain more strength over time.

The Right Clothes

Dress your baby accordingly.

Though it’s very important to observe body temperature to ensure they remain nice and warm – as babies tend to lose plenty of body heat easily – it’s also vital that when playtime comes, they are as able to move their body and limbs as openly and freely as possible.

Overdressing your baby with many layers will surely pose a challenge when it’s time to work out some muscles and develop a better sense of coordination.

With that in mind, you may just consider what is the best baby jumper for small space should your room not provide a wide playground.

Plenty of Stimuli

Your baby needs as much attention as it can grab in these early years.

You’ll find that they act as little sponges absorbing every little stimulus around them in order to make sense of the world. At such an early age, babies will process more information in these first years altogether than they will for the rest of their lives.

It’s therefore paramount that parents deliver plenty of activities to keep your baby engaged, from music to playtime, colors, painting with fingers, discovering body parts and interacting with them at any given chance.

This basic principle should encourage your baby to remain active and thirsty for further knowledge. Use it wisely, as it will surely be one of the key factors of ensuring a healthy and active life ahead.

Go Outside

If the weather helps, brilliant. Your active baby will surely appreciate getting out of the house and enjoy all the wonders the world has to offer.

Take a little blanket or a play rug with you and head to the nearest park.

Having our children interact with nature around them is one of the best ways to inciting them into being active at the same time they can get to experience what it’s like to be out in the open world.


Very few things will make your baby want to move around more than another baby in the area.

As shy and relaxed as your child may be, the fact is that the very sight of another baby moving and interacting should be more than enough to have them join the fun.

Though parents are a great part of their children’s lives – if not almost a total part of their lives – and science shows that there aren’t many gains in socializing with other children until approximately 3 years old, those of us that have watched babies together do realize there is a difference in behaviour and the will to move around.

That playdate will surely deliver more value than what it’s intended and will give you priceless memories of your child’s first years at play.

Just as important for an adult, keeping your baby active will deliver great benefits for years to come.

Not only will you be investing in their physical and mental wellbeing, but you’re also developing a more intimate and dedicated relationship with your child.

Ultimately, it’s all about creating the right environment for your baby to experience the world in a comfortable way, allowing for self-initiative and a little help to ensure the right muscles and postures are constantly worked. Given the vital importance of these first years of life, your child will surely have much to thank you for the hard work and dedication you’ve put in providing them with an active and healthy lifestyle.

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