Custom Your Own Scooter Step by Step

Who doesn’t want a perfect scooter? I guess everybody does. And that’s why they try to find their desired one in the scooter stores. But why take such trouble if you can get your desired one by customizing it?

Yes, it sounds fun. You can do it by yourself. You just need proper instruction to do that. And to find out the instructions, know how to custom your own scooter, and then start your process.

Let’s see the detailed idea to know more about it.

Equipment you need to build a custom scooter

When It’s about building a custom scooter, you should know all information about it first. The most important thing to know is about all the parts of it so that you can use it to customize your scooter. 

If you have no such idea of building a scooter, then check the details first. The parts you need are:






Grip Tape

Compression system


Fork– There are two types of forks such as HIC/SCS and IHC. Fork helps to hold the bars to turn the front wheel and hold it. IHC is suitable for standard-sized aluminum bars. And HIC/SCS is suitable for oversized bars. So, keep that fact in mind while building a scooter.

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Wheels– You already know what the work of wheels is. It is used to support the scooter so that you can ride it smoothly. Make sure you take the wheels that have a diameter size like 110mm, 120mm, or 125mm. Also, the fork and deck should support the wheels. That’s how you should pick the preferable size.

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Deck– It is the part of the scooter that you are going to stand on. You should consider the size, length, and width. click here for best scooter desks.

Bars– bars are needed to steer your scooter. You should be careful of some things like the material, design, and compatibility. The height and width should be proper. Also, it should be compatible with forks.

Headset– This is used for covering all spacers and bearing so that the bars can spin smoothly. If you use IHC forks then you can also get a headset as it comes with the forks.

Griptape– This is used on the deck to make a hard surface so that your feet don’t slide. The material is like sandpaper so that it cannot make the surface slippery. Check if it’s the off right length, width, color, and gritty-ness or not.

Compression system– It ensures the bars to stick well to the fork. You have to take the proper size of it. The diameter of the bars is important to consider. Such as, if you take a standard-sized clamp then you need a standard-sized diameter bar. And if the clamps are oversized, then you need to use an oversized aluminum bar.

Grips– Grips are like soft rubber to hold properly. Make sure you get the grips that have proper length, softness, and thickness.

Method of customizing your own scooter

There is a method that you should follow to do the customization properly. Let’s see what the process is.

Step 1: Preparation

The first thing you should do is to do the preparation. Get all the parts together and then place them in place to avoid trouble.

Also, select a place where you want to do this thing. That’s how things become much easier.

Step 2: Assemble

Now, start the assembly. And for that, you should take the parts in a place. Start with the deck and attach the fork and bars. Secure it with a clamp. Place the grip tape in place and attach the wheels.

Place the headset then attach the grips to the bars. Make sure you attach it tightly to ensure much security.

Step 3: Checking

After that, you should check whether all the parts are well-secured or not. Take a ride to make sure of this thing. And if it works fine, then it’s done. Enjoy the ride with your handmade customized scooter.

Wrap Up

To conclude, we say that you need to be precise while doing the customization. Take much time and then start to do your thing.

But before that, check out how to custom your own scooter and see what things to consider first. Be patient and make your own scooter as you want it to be. And share your experience with us!

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