A Timeless Toy to Help with Developmental skill

A child’s Timeless Toy

A Rocking horse is a toy that all children love. But what effect does it have on your child and can it help them to develop skills that they need in life?

What Developmental Skills Does it Help With?

Rocking horses are a wonderful toys for small children. They help Develop so many skills such as motor skills, coordination, balance and so much more.

Rocking Horses Stimulate the Senses

A rocking helps to stimulate the inner system. This will help encourage a child’s balance. Balance is extremely necessary for your child’s developmental skills. It helps them to learn to walk much better, preventing falls that could harm them.

It is also a form of exercise, the rocking back and forth motion, that will aid your child in releasing energy and helps them to focus on learning other things. The movement of a rocking horse helps your child’s muscle to develop, aids in keeping

Them upright and teaches the muscles to perform normal everyday motions.

Playing on a rocking horse encourages children to exercise. They need physical activity to promote normal growth and healthy life. This is a wonderful source of exercise that your child will actually enjoy doing.

Creating a Bond

When first starting out you will probably have to rock the horse for your baby. This creates a bond between you and your baby. The child learns that they can trust you and will eventually learn to rock the horse on their own. This type of contact is important for a healthy, loving relationship between the two of you.

The Rocking Motion

Most parents rock their children from the time of birth, usually in a rocking chair. It can be a hard habit to break. It’s a comfortable thing for your child the rocking motion seems to ease their anxiety and stress. A rocking horse has that same motion. Start them out with you rocking them on the horse. They will soon feel the need to try to accomplish this on their own. Once they learn how to rock themselves, the rocking chair is usually no longer needed. The rocking horse gives them that same safe, comforting feeling.

A Special Needs Child

It’s not always easy finding the perfect toy for a special needs child. You need toys that help them to connect with others but also toys they will understand and enjoy. This also needs to be something that helps to calm them and relief from too much stimulation and anxiety.


Special needs children have a harder time learning to cope. The challenges that they face, for them, take significantly more effort to overcome than for most children. Rocking horses are the perfect toy, especially for autistic kids. Autistic children will rock back and forth as a constant natural motion. A rocking motion, for most all children but more so for special needs children, is a calming actively. For most autistic kids this wide continue for the rest of their lives. A rocking horse can serve as a tool to help them with that needed motion as well as somewhere to exercise naturally.

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